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Welcome to the newest version of the US IOM National Class Association Website. The Executive Committee and I have been working hard during the last 6 months to bring this site some new life and hope we can use it to promote the IOM class, exchange information, standardize our documentation, and help new skippers by sharing knowledge that can comes with experience!


The Forums section is our primary means of communication with one another and is divided into sections for events, technical information, management, and miscellaneous topics. You must be a registered user to post on the forum. (more)


The Calendar contains scheduling information for International, National, and Regional Championship Regattas and Ranking Regattas as well as many other races hosted by clubs. (more)


The Library section contains a number of documents related to the NCA and the class in general, as well as a “How To” section and notes detailing the history of the class. (more)


This is where we will have links to vendors and sponsors.