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    Hi All

    This forum software is part of WordPress and is not all that user friendly.

    Would anyone take issue if we explore other forum formats (perhaps more like the phpBB forum used on the IOMICA site)?

    It may require you to re-register (using your existing username & password) hopefully just once.



    johnball CAN 307

    Hi Bruce,

    Ok by me.



    Will be trial testing a new forum software called myBB this week. If it looks good and is stable, will change over next week. The main site will no longer require a username & password, but the forum will.

    You can use your IOMUSA username & password but you’ll have to enter them once again to get registered with the new forum software.

    The rest of the IOMUSA site will no longer need to be password protected and we can get rid of the kludgy WordPress login business.


    Steve Landeau

    Yes, please. Just had to log in 3 times to see the forums, even though it says “howdy steve” at the top….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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