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    johnball CAN 307

    The new 2017-2020 version of the World Sailing (ISAF) Case book is out.




    johnball CAN 307

    The new 2017 – 2020 edition of the World Sailing Case book is now available for download.

    There are a number of new cases in the this edition, starting with Case 132 . They all make interesting reading especially for anyone who may be part of a Protest Committee. Here I will touch on just three of them.

    Case 138 helps the Protest Committee determine when to apply Rule 2 or Rule 69.

    CASE 138
    Rule 2, Fair Sailing
    Rule 69, Misconduct
    Generally, an action by a competitor that directly affects
    the fairness of the competition or failing to take an
    appropriate penalty when the competitor is aware of
    breaking a rule, should be considered under rule 2. Any
    action, including a serious breach of rule 2 or any other
    rule, that the committee considers may be an act of
    misconduct should be considered under rule 69.

    Rule 69 is always a serious matter. For this edition of the RRS, there is a change in Rule 69 that now allows for a variety of punishments, and Case 139 provides assistance.

    CASE 139
    Rule 69.2(j), Misconduct: Action by a Protest Committee
    Examples illustrating when it would be ‘appropriate’ under
    rule 69.2(j)(3) to report a rule 69 incident to a national
    authority or World Sailing.

    Case 140 is very interesting as it covers the options when a boat is forced over early by another boat that is breaking a Rule of Part 2 – (eg a stbd tack boat goes over the line avoiding a Port tack boat) when Rule 30.3 U Flag, or R 30.4 Black Flag is in effect. It describes how the fouled boat may behave in order to obtain redress. This case makes a strong argument for the Race Committee to select the use of the U flag option over the Black Flag option. This one is a ‘Must Read’.

    CASE 140
    Rule 30.3, Starting Penalties: U Flag Rule
    Rule 30.4, Starting Penalties: Black Flag Rule
    Rule 62.1, Redress
    Rule 64.1(b), Decisions: Penalties and Exoneration
    How the rules apply when a boat is compelled to cross the
    starting line by another boat that was breaking a rule of
    Part 2.


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