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Executive Committee

Class ChairmanBruce Andersen

Chairman ElectGary Boell

Registrar/TreasurerTed Flack

After 41 years working at Chrysler Corp and looking for something to do with my time I finally had the chance to do something I had wanted to do since I was 9 years old when my Father built our first sailboat and I started sailing but I was always interested in model boat racing but it seemed I never had the time to do it. I sailed with my Dad until he passed away in 1965 when I was 19, then I went drag racing for 15 years, then back to sailing in 1980 with catamarans, sailboards and iceboats. Then I got involved with the Dodge NASCAR program (which took all my time) in 1998 for 10 years and retired from that in 2008.

After retiring I decided it was time to try model sailboat building and racing. I searched the Internet and found the IOM class and decided it looked really cool and I needed one of them. Turns out my local club, Detroit Model Yacht Club, raced them so in the late summer of 2008 I found an IOM to buy and race and I was hooked. By 2009 I was racing at regattas across the country having fun sailing as well as meeting some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Vice Chairman CommunicationBob Wells

I’m a 70-year-old working Architect (yikes!) with an affinity for playing with sailboats. Sailing for me began after college when I moved to Seattle for a job. I found myself ineptly owning/repairing a series old woodies, and otherwise crewing much more effectively while racing on modern mass-produced sailboats for a few decades. There were a few nice cruises in some beautiful parts of the world also, which were always shortened by the need to get back to work.

Radio sailing came about as it got to be bad form for me to be gone all weekend sailing when I had a special needs son at home and I was his only playmate. I went cold turkey on owning or racing sailboats for a few years, but jumped back in when I discovered Seattle Model Yacht Club was racing EC12’s nearby. This led to an enjoyable 12-year immersion into radio sailing and the EC12 class beginning in the early 90’s. I say immersion because this is when I spent a lot of time with maestro Larry Robinson, and when I assisted him in authoring “Optimizing the EC12”, an in depth look into making the boat go. Alas my son needed more of my attention so I quit cold turkey on sailing again.

In 2010 it was time to get back into competitive radio sailing, but the local EC12 fleet had died. I chose to try the IOM class and fortunately some former EC12 skippers quickly came out of retirement to join me. Radio sailors from other classes quickly joined too, as there was clearly a desire for a more high performance class in the Seattle area. Our active IOM fleet in Washington State has worked out well beyond my expectations. Follow out progress on my club newsletter, Seattle IOM Update:

I have some experience in class management assisting AMYA Class Secretaries in EC12s and IOMs. My big boat is a Corsair F24 tri, which is for sale. I finally figured out that I prefer that my sailing time be focused on the IOM class.

Vice Chairman RacingJohn Ebey

Started RC sailing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. Began with the CR914 Class, Shoreline Model Yacht Club, Mountain View, CA, and soon joined in with the Soling 50, IOM and ODOM fleets. North Bay RC Sailing Club is my home club in San Rafael, CA just north of San Francisco. Have served as racing director at South Bay Model Yacht Club and Commodore, IOM and Soling 50 Fleet Captain at North Bay RC Sailing Club. IOM is my main focus, enjoy traveling to the different venues and sailing with our USA IOM community. Have also competed in two international championship events 2015 IOM Worlds, Foster City, CA and 2016 European Championships, Vitoria Spain.

Ranking SecretaryJerry Bower